Autotransformers are used to change the voltage level while galvanic isolation is provided. Input and output voltages can vary up to 3000 V. The power levels of the transformers can be up to 1000 kVA.

Medium Voltage

Transformers are used when galvanic isolation is required in three-phase medium voltage systems or when switching between MV / LV levels is required.

Input and output voltages are up to 12 kV and the transformer’s power rating is selected up to 250 kVA as required.


Three-phase transformers are used when galvanic isolation is required or when switching between voltage levels is required. The input and output voltages are up to 5000 V and the transformer’s power rating is selected up to 600 kVA as required.


They are the type of transformers commonly used in electric panels and similar industrial applications. The input and output voltages are up to 1000 V, and the power level of the transformer is determined by the customer’s footprint up to 10 kVA.


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