Dry Type

Valve Regulated lead-acid batteries are highly economical to use because they have high performance. Due to its fully leakproof and maintenance-free construction, there is no need to add water or electrolyte. There are wide applications such as dry type smartphones, UPS devices, rectifier devices, portable hand tools, cameras, measuring devices, security systems, emergency lighting, computers and control devices. We have stocks in our stocks from 12 Vdc 4.5 Ah to 12 Vdc 200 Ah.


Industrial batteries are energy storage systems used together with stationary batteries, which are basically composed of 2 categories of tracery moving vehicles. Tractionary batteries are the most common areas of use for these pagers, forklifts, floor cleaners, conveyor or lifting platforms, electric vehicles, airfield vehicles, underground mining locomotives. The tracer is divided into 2 types according to the production type of the gel / VRLA and flooded (liquid electrolyte).


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